Sponsoring CollabDays Nordics helps you generate awareness around your brand and get additional exposure through various media channels. Also being a less intrusive form of marketing enables event sponsorship to create trust between the brand and the customers more easily.

This year for Collabdays Nordics we have 4 different sponsor packages:

  1. Web: 500 euros
    Get’s your logo visible on our website and as part of the conference, like on slides etc
  2. Session: 1000 euros
    Get you a session where you can present your product or services, but it also has to be a relevant session for our attendees. The session topic and description has to be approved by our team
  3. Featured on our table talks; 1000 euros
    We plan to have a live running table talk with special guest where we will allow you also to come and introduce your products and or services
  4. Rolling Clips (Videos): 1000 euros
    Create short introduction videos to your products and or services, that we will showcase between the sessions.
    Video length should be maximum 2 minutes. And we will show it minimum 3 times depending on how many videos sponsors we get. If you want to be guaranteed more videos you can buy more video packages.
  5. Add-On to Rolling Clips (Videos): 1000 euros
    Get your rolling clips featured on the best spotlight during the lunch break, and on the table talks.

All money that we generate from the sponsors will be either put into a in-person event in the future or for gift for the attendees and/or speakers.

Thank you for the interest in sponsoring our amazing event.

In the form just specify which of the sponsor packages you want, and we will contact you about the details.