WHY Collabdays?

By the community, for the community

Welcome to CollabDays – network of independent non-profit technology events, primarily centered around Microsoft’s collaboration, business applications, and cloud technologies

Each CollabDays event is independent and locally organized, fostering a truly community-led atmosphere, thanks to local communities, user groups, and individuals who put their efforts into planning and executing these events.

When you organize an event under the CollabDays banner, we offer comprehensive support and resources to streamline your event management process.

These include:

  • A dedicated website hosted on the collabdays.org domain, complete with a website template and automated integration with the run.events platform.
  • Access to the run.events professional event management platform license. run.events is, among others, also used by the large tech events such as European Collaboration Summit, European Cloud Summit, and DynamicsMinds, and it is providing you with the tools to seamlessly organize and manage your events. The platform aids with ticket issuing or selling, attendee check-in, badge printing, organizing speaker calls, creating and publishing event agendas, and managing and publishing sponsors and exhibitors.
  • A run.events mobile app license for event attendees, offering an overview of the agenda and sessions, personal agenda creation, attendee networking and chat features, as well as event gamification.
  • Three hours of run.events training and setup assistance, redeemable in segments to suit your needs. 

(Of course, you are absolutely free to use your own event management platform or tools as well)

Additionally, we provide guidance, mentoring, and support for new or less experienced event organizers, ensuring you have all the information and best practices at your disposal.

This includes:

  • Insights on CollabDays’ code of conduct.
  • Best practices, tips and tricks, and practical guidance.
  • Connections with other CollabDays organizers to share experiences and learn from each other.


We will also help you to reach out to potential sponsors, which can help financing your event. Our platform’s reputation often attracts proactive sponsor approaches, which we will then pass to you.

Join us at CollabDays, and let’s drive innovation, collaboration, and community spirit together!