F. A. Q.

By the community, for the community
Who is behind the CollabDays initiative?

The CollabDays Initiative was created by a group of community leaders and user groups who are passionate about bringing people together to learn about technology and network with their peers. We felt it was time to join forces and create an event platform to deliver the best possible experience to our respective audiences and to support people wanting to organize an event themselves.

Is there a relationship with the European and North American Collaboration Summit?

Yes and no. Collaboration Summit supports the CollabDays initiative by providing advice and logistical support. Collaboration Summit staff also have a seat at the CollabDays Steering Group, but as non-voting members. We are closely related but not the same.

Are you competing with any other event platforms?

No. Although most people on the CollabDays Steering Group have a long track record of organizing SharePoint Saturdays and similar conferences, we don’t want to compete with anyone or take over the world. CollabDays stands for the broad concept that is “collaboration”, anyone is welcome as long as they adhere to our core principles.

Can I use “CollabDay” (without the s) for a one-day event?

Yes. You are free to market your event as “CollabDay” or “CollabDays” – although we have a slight preference for the latter. The platform and all supporting materials are based upon “CollabDays”, but you can always refer to an event as “CollabDay”.

Can I organize a CollabDay, for example on a Tuesday?

Yes. You can organize an event on any day of the week. You can make it a one-day event or make it a full week if you think that’s what’s best.

Can I ask attendees for money?

CollabDays are not for profit. If your local situation requires you to charge attendees a small amount of money, you are free to do so. We prefer free events, where sponsors cover all costs. If you have trouble finding sponsors, we are more than happy to help you find some!

How do I get my CollabDay on the website?
New events need to be approved by our Steering Group in order to ensure consistent quality and community standards. We will also assign someone from the Steering Group to support you and to be your primary contact.
Can you help me organize my event?

We provide a toolkit for event organizers with guidelines, tips & tricks, logos, templates – all free for you to use. You don’t need to use all our materials, but we expect you to use the logo and a link to the CollabDays website. As well as your commitment to follow our core principles. As we are just getting started, we don’t have everything available on the site just yet. Contact us for more information!