CollabDays Lisbon 2023 will take place on the 25th of November at the ISCTE-IUL facilities, in Lisbon.

It is a modern university building, in the center of Lisbon and access to various public transport and parking spaces, consisting of several auditoriums, support rooms, large atriums and outdoor spaces, with accessibility for people with reduced mobility.

ISCTE-IUL, Building II, Level 1
Av. das Forças Armadas, 1649-026 Lisboa

Preferential access via Av. Prof. Aníbal Bettencourt (direct to level 1) but also possible via Av. das Forças Armadas (level 2).

How to get there?

✈️ Plane

  • Lisbon Airport (LIS);
  • It’s not necessary to take a taxi or Uber because the airport has its own subway station: Aeroporto (red line);
    (If you still want to take a taxi, the trip to the venue should not cost more than 12€ to 15€. It is only possible to take taxis at arrivals. Uber and other alternatives can only be picked up at departures, in the Kiss & Fly area.)

🚆 Train

  • From the north line:
    • Get out at Gare do Oriente;
    • Take any urban train with Sintra or Alcântara-Terra as destination and exit at Entrecampos;
    • The Oriente train station also has a subway station: Oriente (red line);
    • Take the pedestrian route as explained below (subway);
  • If you’re coming from the south (Fertagus train), or your train stops at Entrecampos:
    • Get out at Entrecampos and take the pedestrian route as explained below (subway);

🚇 Subway (we call it “metro”)

  • Get out at Estação de Entrecampos (yellow line) at Av. da República;
    • Attention: the yellow line is interrupted between Campo Grande and Cidade Universitária, therefore it is only possible to reach Entrecampos coming from the direction Rato – Cidade Universitária;
  • Walk for 200m in direction of Rotunda de Entrecampos;
  • After the roundabout walk for 200m passing the City Hall;
  • Turn left to Av. Prof. Aníbal Bettencourt for 200m until you get ISCTE-IUL entrance, at left;
  • See the pedestrain route here;

🚌 Bus

  • Take the 32, 54 or 55 Carris bus;
  • Get out at the bus stop Faculdade de Farmácia, on top of “Av. das Forças Armadas”;
  • Go down the avenue around 150 m. The ISCTE-IUL entrance is located on your left.

🛴 Scooter or bike

  • Lisbon has a considerable network of light mobility operators, public and private;
  • If you choose to use one of these solutions, make sure that you end the trip in an authorized parking spot and the vehicle is not left on the way of people and other vehicles;
  • If you use your own bicycle or scooter, Metro de LisboaCP and Fertagus authorize the transportation free of charge, but you should check the service conditions in advance;

🚙 Car, taxi or others (Uber, Bolt, Free Now…)

  • If you’re coming from outside Lisbon and are staying in the city, consider not bringing your car to the event and using public transportation, light mobility solutions or maybe even take a walk;
  • If you still want to come by car in your GPS search for “Rua Branca Edmée Marques” and when you arrive park in the public parking spots outside or paid parks available in the area;
    • Attention: on the WordCamp weekend there’s a “end of the scholar year” event at the universities adjacent to ISCTE, so if you plan on parking in the are, it’s best to arrive early;
  • If you’re traveling by taxi or other (such as a Uber), ask to be taken to the intersection of “Rua Branca Edmée Marques” with “Rua Prof. António Flores”
  • ISCTE entrance is at the end of the street, on a pedestrian-only path;


Where to stay?